MultiSlide: Open up to your home’s possiblities

Your big door dreams can come true with a simple door or window change to a MultiSlide patio door. We are here to help you find the product that works best for your project.

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Our 13' tall Fleetwood MultiSlide in our showroom.

Dream Big

MultiSlide and BiFold patio doors make your biggest door dreams possible.  Opening up to the outdoors has never been easier and bigger products have never been so available for the luxury home market. Fleetwood offers huge sizes and that modern aesthetic that works so well for a lot of homes here in Las Vegas.

It seems like everyday we are doing groundbreaking projects. As a result of the phenomenal new advances in door engineering we are constantly selling and installing gorgeous designs. New homes and existing homes are opening up to a whole new experience.  We did this stunning home in 2009 which was full of Window Walls and MultiSlide doors.

What exactly is a MultiSlide?

A lot of folks aren't really sure what a MultiSlide or a BiFold door is.  In fact, people will want one for their home but not really know the name or how to describe what exactly they are looking for.

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BiFolds or MultiSlides are not your typical patio door and they're definitely not a window. These doors provide all the benefits of huge glass - giving you a majestic view of the outdoors and provide all the functionality of large.

A Multislide door has multiple panels from three panels to... pretty much as many as you could possibly want. The panels each ride on their own track that is typically 2-1/4" wide and so, the frame width can be an issue for larger units.  Panels can be made up to 5-1/2' wide and - at the moment - can be 15' tall.  Those numbers are constantly growing however. The panels can all move or there can be single or double stationary units on the side(s) of your choosing.

Benefits of a MultiSlide

I feel like the best and most obvious benefit of a bifold or multislide is looking at them and using them but, there are many more benefits to be considered.












No matter if you are considering a remodel or if you plan to build the house of your dreams. These doors bring a serious wow factor to your home.

Resale value is definitely one of the many benefits.  Adding a feature window or door is going to not only increase the value of your home but help it sell a lot faster too - especially if you are maximizing a view.

In addition, improved functionality is a huge benefit of these doors.  Opening up your home for parties, creating a new open space, and truly merging the indoors and out is revolutionary.

Need more info?

If you'd like more specific information, you can have your architect contact us or call the office at 702-361-9049 to set up a consultation.

We can come out to your home or go over your plans with you here in our showroom and design center, where you can view our products in person.

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