People of Hybar

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Seth Barlow - President in-training

You've probably seen this guy on the side of our fleet trucks and vans. Seth currently works hard as a 2nd Grader and at remembering to pick up his socks.  In his spare time Seth can be found at HyBar learning the family business.


Anna M. - Client Services, specializing in New Construction

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Anna has been with HyBar since early 2009 specializing in new construction window and doors, her product knowledge is astounding.  She has more than 25 years in the construction industry, is clever and helpful while maintaining a no nonsense approach. The people of HyBar would be lost in a wilderness of doubt without her kindness and expertise.


Patrick Bates - Client Services - Production

Patrick has been there and back he's seen every side of the business and he's the guy that can find window and door parts like a wiz kid that he dreams of being.

Jeff Stanford - Client Services - Service Department

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Jeff is the kind of guy that is good to have around, he is a good listener and is full of window and door knowledge. Jeff specializes in custom glass shower doors and knows pretty much the entire book of parts for services which is probably bigger than the biggest dictionary you have ever seen.

Tim F. - Field Services, Service Department

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Tim has been doing service work for a long time and has taken naturally to all aspects of window and door repair here at HyBar.  He has been dubbed the Most Optimistic employee, customers and employees adore him and his pleasant work ethic.

Jordan - Field Services, Service Department

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Jordan is a huge asset to HyBar and our clients, it's a regular occurrence to have customers calling in to sing his praises.  His install knowledge is incredible and his upbeat personality is a joy to be around. Jordan enjoys the variety afforded by visiting new homes everyday and fixing everything form front doors to skylights.

Heidi Barlow - Co-Owner

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Heidi is oftentimes referred to as Wonder Woman around here and by pretty much everyone who is blessed to know her.  We think that even Russ knows he was a lucky guy to have married such a clever, handy, beautiful, economical and amiable wife as he did when he married her. Not every woman would think the plan to have 15 children was a good one.

Russ Barlow - Client Services / Co-Owner


The Main Man, Russ is the passion behind HyBar - the driving force that keeps the crew motivated to strive for perfect customer service and to improve the lives we all touch.  He is also the Chief Editor for the revolutionary book - The Universal Model which answers questions regarding Nature which inquiring minds have often wondered. Find out more about the Universal Model by clicking this link


Joe Barlow - Little brother to Seth, Sofia, Peter, Kensington, Arthur, Luke, Xander, Daniel, Ellen, Emily, Doug, Jessica, Ephraim and Justin.


Joe is wise beyond his four years and is a lover off all things that have to do with sharks.