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HyBar Window and Door serves the high-end luxury window and door community and we strive for excellence every step of the way. We carry the finest products in the window and door world. Our products truly are state of the art, and the best money can buy. With the manufactures support, we are able to install and provide a level of service that is truly exceptional on every level.

We pride ourselves in doing truly custom work that other "custom" window and door companies wouldn't think of doing. We have the right management, the right teams in the office and in the field, along with the right support, to make sure your project is a total success.



HyBar's history of excellence comes from our desire to make a positive difference in our world and drives what we do.  We are commited to serving our community by improving the lives of all our associates by doing our very best work.


Some of Our Advantages

  • 1.Our Helpful Knowledgeable Staff The HyBar Staff are exceptional. They truly care for our customer and that concern shows through every phase of your experience with HyBar.  Many of the HyBar employees have been in the window and door industry for ten + years and can answer all of your window and door questions. HyBar also has weekly training in product, customer care and safety to help keep our staff up to date and well informed.
  • 2. Our Quality List of Products   HyBar has built a long list of quality vendors for our clients over the years.  We started with top-of-the-line Andersen Windows 30+ years ago and have only added to that list with manufacturers who are commited to quality and inovation.  Click here to see our  Vendors. 
  • 3. Our Dedication to Service  We have learned over the years that the best business practice we can have is to serve our clients well.  We love it when we experience great service and we strive to always provide that to our customers.

Custom Mulled Units


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Pocket Glass Walls

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What HyBar Has To Offer You


Hybar has stood the test of time and we will continue to provide the care our customers have come to expect for many more years.


Over the years we've come to understand that the key to good service is communication. HyBar is dedicated to constantly update our customer communications using new technologies.

Beautiful Windows & Doors

Our manufacturers are the top of the line in the Window and Door industry and we have developed amazing relationships with them in the last 30 years.

What You're looking For

We do everything when it comes to Windows and Doors. We can provide the solution to your Window and Door needs.

Why Choose Us?

HyBar Windows & Doors has established a reputation as the most referred Southern Nevada window, door, and skylight dealer. A reputation built on a solid foundation of quality products, product expertise, competitive prices and a dedication to service – second to none.

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Incidentally, “We Love Referrals.” Our customers refer us and tell their families and friends about us! We hope you will too. From start to finish, our goal is to save you time, make the process easy, give you a beautifully installed product, and delight you so that you will be happy to refer us.

HyBar Windows and Doors has Low Maintenance Windows and Doors, offers products that have rugged durability, a contemporary or estate look that harmonizes with the many different window and hardware styles you might have, and has the best window glass in the industry.

Our Windows offer sun and heat protection, low E Glass, noise reduction, increased privacy, security features, and come with options like Tint, Tempered, Laminated, and Argon Filled. Visit our Centrally Located Showroom, and you will meet professionally trained sales and service people who know this business inside and out and who can help answer your questions.

  • More than 25 years serving Southen Nevada
  • Dedicated to Quailty Service
  • Top Window & Door Manufacturers
  • Continual Employee Training
  • Serving All Your Windows & Door Needs
  • Quick Response to Service Calls
  • Custom Build Capabilities
  • Family Owned Local Business

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