Team HyBar Spotlight on Raul Z.

I’m so happy to spotlight Raul this week! He is a great hard-working guy with an incredible depth of character a bunch of interests and some great insights on work, everyday life and balancing it all which might because he is fortunate enough to be a middle child.

Raul does the purchasing at HyBar and is the main line of communications between the sales department, the install department and our customers.  He keeps all the ends neatly tied up from keeping nails and silicone on hand and ready for installers use to the coordinating the actual delivery date of their windows and doors with homeowners needs.  Raul makes sure the sales department knows what the install department is up to for each job and vice versa. He denies that he is a communication expert but, I’ve seen him in action and I believe he is.  He is also a typing wiz and his keystrokes are somewhere around 120wpm!


The best part of working at HyBar Windows and Doors according to Raul is that he is surrounded by people with great attitudes and a wealth of experience in the window and door industry and that are always ready to share that information with him.  That makes work enjoyable to Raul and that he is always learning and growing his construction knowledge base is something that he is grateful for and knows will benefit him all his life.  Raul has always wanted to be in construction even when he was in grade school he knew that he wanted to be a contractor and has been working in construction since he was in High School.

Outside of the office Raul spends his time mixing up interesting music. He likes experimenting with all the different sounds he can make with instruments and found objects and how he can put them together and modify tones to make great music.  His family was his first inspiration on music from his mother always having music on and singing along to his uncle bringing the cousins all together to sing.

When I asked Raul what his biggest challenge was he said it was time both at HyBar and at home.   At HyBar Raul believes the level of dedication to customer service and communication is how he best manages his time and that spending a little extra time keeping everyone informed up front helps him in the long run. Also, he suggests that keeping an “upbeat” pace just like his music helps him stay on top of all of his responsibilities and enjoy it all.

In the future Raul has plans to help take HyBar to the Moon where we will apparently installing storefronts or maybe just another location across town to increase our ability to quickly serve our clients and improve efficiency.


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