Fleetwood Windows & Doors offer a beautifully clear and modern look for your home with countless options for you Remodel and New Construction Projects.  Imagine the Possibilities with HyBar and Fleetwood Windows and Doors.Aluminum_Products

Fleetwood products are made of aluminum.  One of the unique traits of aluminum is its ability to have multiple finishes. Fleetwood offers Anodized and Painted Finishes.

ANODIZED FINISHES  Anodizing is a chemical process that makes the aluminum surface harder and thicker. It was used by the US Military in WWII as a finish to protect against corrosion on its aircraft.  Fleetwood's anodized finishes are available in their two "Fast track" colors Clear Anodize and Dark Bronze Anodize - which have a quicker production time. -  And in five additional custom colors F1 - F5.

fleetwood anodized finish colors


Fleetwood uses the same paint which high-rise buildings around the world demand because of its exceptional color retention and salt air protection. [Process: Each extrusion is chemically pretreated, painted electro-statically, then cured in an oven.] Edge Armor is optional and recommended near the coast.

The Colors below are available in paint finish in addition to F1 - F5 and many more.

fleetwood paint finish colors


fleetwood windows with view