Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Typically one door panel is stationary and the other opens by sliding horizontally on tracks. However Modern Patio Doors may include more than two panels and can be customized to your design goals.  Single, double, or French Swinging Patio Doors are available in many styles and glass types to provide clear viewing or obscured for more privacy.

Replacement Patio Doors in Las Vegas

HyBar has all the top manufacturers available for your Patio Doors. Including Andersen, Fleetwood, Cascade, Milgard, LaCantina, ThermaTru, Envirogreen and more.

In the average American home, about 40 percent of annual energy costs are spent on conditioned air. The proper selection of Patio Doors can greatly affect how much of your money it takes to keep your home comfortable all year - at an affordable price.  HyBar Windows and Doors manufacturers are all Energy Star Partners.

The right Patio Doors enhance your home and your yard experience creating an inviting entrance to and from the living areas of your home while simultaneously improving your energy use.

Andersen Replacement Patio Doors

For over 100 years, Andersen has been making windows and doors that are different and better than any others. Today, Andersen offers five distinct product lines to provide the exact combination of economy, performance, aesthetics and architectural authenticity for any type of home and every homeowner’s taste. HyBar will help you find the Patio Doors that are right for you.

Link to Andersen Patio Doors Site

Cascade's Patio Doors

Cascade Patio Doors

• Rigid multi-chambered PVC extrusions providing structural integrity and highsound and thermal insulation qualities.

• Precision mitered and heat-fusion welded corners. • Integral vinyl pre-punched nailing flange for fast and efficient installation. Flush fin available upon request.

• High-performance dual weather stripping minimizing air infiltration, reducing energy costs.

• Metal reinforced interlock, providing superior strength and rigidity.

• Flared interlocking profiles result in consistent and reliable operation and provides a tight seal.

• Heavy-duty lock and interior handle are standard on all units.

• Fully adjustable metal rollers provide smooth operation and reliable performance year after year.

• High-performance glazing options include Low-E coatings, tints, solar-cool reflective glass, and argon gas.

Therma-Tru Patio Doors

Therma Tru Patio Doors

All Therma-Tru hinged, or french, and sliding patio door systems are backed by full-system limited warranties. Check our Therma-Tru Patio Door options on their information-packed site, check it out by clicking right here. 

Fleetwood Patio Doors

modern windows and doors in las vegas

The ultimate in Modern Luxury Fleetwood Patio Doors take homes to the next level. Less expensive products can claim equality with Fleetwood but under examination the contrasts will become obvious. Further, you will experience these contrasts in one of our many showrooms.