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Wieland Lift and Slides offer the only a high performance flush bottom track for a sliding door.  Weiland is the innovator in large openings that connect our living spaces to the outdoors. Every Weiland door is made to your exact specifications. Weiland offers options tailored for your designs and accommodate huge panels, including pocketing, radius and corner options. Wieland Lift and Slides put creative freedom is in the hands of quality driven homeowners.

Weiland Lift and Slide

Weiland uses the highest quality wood species  available. Mahogany, douglas fir, walnut, cherry, alder and many other wood types are often used. Customers can also choose any available wood species for a more custom choice.

weiland pivot doorThe Weiland Lift and slide can be built in countless configurations, offering unique and creative architectural possibilities. Doors can be built straight, curved, or in a corner, while panels can slide against a jamb, into a wall pocket, or along an outside wall.

Weiland lift and slideWeiland works closely with European vendors, some with over 100 years of history, to provide the best components available for their doors. With rigorous testing and experience on custom applications, our hardware choices give Weiland doors and windows the feel of luxury and effortless operation.

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