Broken Window Repair Step by Step

Once you schedule your broken window repair with HyBar you've done everything you'll need to do to get your window problem solved usually within five to eight working days after the measure.

We do offer Emergency broken window board up as well.  For a typical job we are able to come out and do the measure within a day or two depending on your schedule.

Broken Window Repair Step by Step

1. Broken Window Repair
2. Mobile Window and door repair
3.Window repairs done right

When you end up with a broken window it can be frustrating, luckily we're here to help ease the pain and make the repair process as easy for you as we can.  One of our Broken Window Repair specialists will be sent out to measure your window for glass replacement.


After the replacement glass arrives at our shop we will schedule a time to come out and do the actual replacement.

broken window glass replacement

As a side note, tempered unit could take a few extra days to be manufactured. This unit is not tempered.  Tempered glass breaks into little glass cubes.  Glass in or very near a door should be tempered glass.

broken window glass unit replacement

The replacement includes hacking out the broken panes of glass.


Cleaning and tightening the glass frame lining the edges with double sided sticky tape.


Inserting the new glass unit and reassembling the glass frame.


After that all that’s left is to put the glass frame back in the window frame and then we're on our way -


Once we clean up our mess! Our clients call in to the office all the time to say how pleased they are with our service technicians who are friendly, skilled and very contentious of cleaning up after themselves.



We hope you don't have to deal with the stress of a broken glass unit but if you do, we'll be pleased to provide you a service that helps make the experience as painless as possible.



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