Fogged Glass Replacement

The first step in having your window glass replaced is having them measured.  One of our service technicians will come out and measure your glass and then we order the unit.  A typical Fogged Glass Replacement order takes three to five days to come in or five to ten for special orders including tempered glass.

Fogged Glass Window Replacement

HyBar Service Techs Unloading a New Insulated Unit

Once the glass comes in, we will call to schedule your new unit installation. The actual install only takes about 30 minutes to an hour and a half. So, the techs are in and out, leaving you with a crystal clear and (bonus) energy efficient view.

Replacing Fogged Window with new unit

Spraying the back side of the double-sided tape with silicone for easy removal once window is set.

HyBar’s Stained or Fogged Glass Replacement does NOT cause stucco damage or drywall repair. We simply pull out the damaged unit and install the new insulated unit.  The only way you’ll know we were even there is by the new, perfect window glass.

Fogged Window Replacement

Removing the backing from the double sided tape.

Most people understand that double-glazed windows improve the energy efficiency of their home. The real test though, lies in the total environmental impact the unit will have over its lifetime. If a window only lasts a few years before the seal fails (Visible when you see “Fogged Glass” or condensation between your window panes.) then the cost in dollars and environmental impact go up for that window.

Fogged Glass Window Replacement

Reinstalling the glass stops to keep the glass unit in place.

About ten years ago manufacturers stopped using polyurethanes which dried and cracked breaking the seal of those old units and started using new techniques like dual seal and a hot melt sealant which never really dries fully and so, doesn’t crack and break the seal.  We now offer a ten year warranty on all of our dual pane window glass replacements from our manufacturer and a year warranty on labor if the unit should fail.  We don’t expect that it will however.

Fogged glass window replacement

The final step is always cleaning the glass.

Be sure to ask our technicians about our Glass Cleaner! We love it so much we started selling it and now, our clients love it too!

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