Keeping Scorpions Out

Are you having issues with scorpions or other pesky critters getting in the house?

Doors with missing or even worn weatherization materials can turn your entry into a place of entry for these outdoor pests like scorpions to entry your home as well. HyBar’s door service can eliminate those gaps in your door systems and increase the functionality at the same time.


The most common culprits for gaps we see include door sweeps that are worn, and damaged weatherstripping around the perimeter of the entryway. Worn out places on your door sweep can be completely missing and a home owner might not even notice. This is especially the case here in Vegas where cold drafts are not all that common or noteworthy.

Over time doors slip out of alignment, causing friction and unusual wear on the materials made to seal your door and keep insects and dirt outside. This will leave small gaps all around the door vinyl including your bottom sweep.

The Vegas Scorpion Issue

We’ve gotten a lot of calls over the years about scorpions getting into people’s homes from poorly maintained or improperly sealed doors.  The crazy thing about scorpions is that they are equipped with an exo-skeleton which allows them to flatten their body and squeeze through the thinnest opening. In over 80% of cases scorpions enter your home by walking in the front door as well as all other doors that have direct access to the outside.

qlon replacement scorpion prevention

Another unique issue we face here in the Vegas Valley is construction and an ever-expanding footprint of the city edge. When homes are being built and the ground is moved it displaces scorpions from their homes leaving them wandering around looking the perfect new residence. Nobody wants a scorpions new home to be the one we live in.

How to keep the scorpions and other bugs out?


The CRAZY scary camel spider.

Seal it up! Hy-Bar Windows and Doors Service Department has a number of door weatherization and renewal Specials to help make this problem go away.   HyBar’s front door service includes adjusting the swing of the door, fine tuning and lubrication and all new weather stripping.  We also have a wide variety of parts including new bottom sweeps in order to repair your door if it is broken beyond basic maintenance.

A huge benefit of performing routine maintenance on your doors – besides keeping scorpions , other undesirable insects and dirt out – is the increased lifespan of your doors and their improved functionality and let’s not forget that this service improves the energy performance of your doors and your home.

Simply call Hy-Bar Windows and Doors ask for Jeff in the service department and tell us what kind of problem you are having. We will send a service tech out to do a weatherization and adjustment on the doors where it is needed. We keep our service trucks very well stocked. Most of the time we can come to your home with only the information you have given us and complete the job in one trip. The service tech will replace all your perimeter weather stripping, inspect and adjust your bottom sweep (replace if necessary), and adjust your door so everything lines up with the weather stripping and operates like new.

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