Weatherseal 101 Overview

Weatherseal or weatherstripping is used to seal leaks that allow too much airflow in your home. While a certain amount of airflow is good for your home, leaks can:

  • Contribute to drafts and energy loss.
  • Act as entry points for household pests.
  • Allow noise to travel more freely.
  • Contribute to mildew, dust and allergies.

Weatherstripping comes in many varieties but the most common are made of foam, plastic, rubber or vinyl. Some weatherstripping comes in a roll and is made of woven fibers and others are a single piece of molded material that is shaped specifically to make a superior seal on your doors and windows.

The Hy-Bar Advantage

Superior draft protection. While there are many kinds of weatherstripping not all are created equal. Hy-Bar's polyethylene foam is the very best weatherseal you can use on your windows and doors. With the lowest air filtration performance of all weather seals now on the market, you save energy by eliminating drafty windows during heating season and air conditioning air inside when cooling.

Tough and Easy

Hy-Bar's Pro-Lon foam is effective in almost any climate, weather or traffic conditions you can throw at it. It has been specifically formulated to:

  • Tolerate temperatures ranging from -40F to 160F
  • Resist the harmful effects of the sun
  • Withstand tears and punctures even on busy doors

Even though Hy-Bar's Pro-Lon foam is the toughest weather seal available, it still compresses very easily, meaning your doors and windows aren't hard to open and close but still provide the best seal.

Do you have a QUESTION?

Most people do and we are happy to help! If your home's window and doors are 5 years or older, chances are, the services we provide will do more for your home and pocketbook than you think. It is one of the most economical and practical steps you can take to save money and live more comfortably.

Weatherseal 101 - By HyBar Windows and Doors

It Lasts - Guaranteed...
Hy-Bar's Weatherseal products are known across the industry for their durability. A Hy-Bar Weather seal can be compressed time and again and will lose very little height. This means you can be sure it will continue to seal for the life of your door or window. In fact we believe in our product line so strongly we provide a guarantee on both products and labor - so you have peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Product...
Weatherstripping is particularly good for moving joints, such as windows or doors, because it is made to withstand the vicefriction of frequent opening and closing.

You need to choose a weatherstripping product that will withstand the friction, weather, temperature changes, and wear and tear associated with its location.

For example, a product for the bottom of your door or threshold could drag on carpet or erode as a result of foot traffic, and weatherstripping on windows needs to allow easy opening but at the same time make an effective seal.

Types of Weatherstripping...
The type of weatherstripping you choose will depend on a number of factors, including cost, where it will be applied, and how comfortable you are with home improvement projects. Felt tends to be the least expensive type of weatherstripping, however it is susceptible to weather and not as efficient at blocking airflow as other types.

Woven Pile weatherstripping is made of closely woven textile yarns interlaced into a backing. Plastic extrusion weatherstripping is typically shaped to bridge a gap. The shape of the material creates a seal by pressing against the sides of a crack or gap to block drafts. Urethane foam is soft light-weight foam that compresses well and recovers quickly, which in weatherstripping means it has enhanced sealing performance.

Each of these materials provides great value in weatherstripping as they hold up well, even in high traffic areas and are very effective for blocking dust, light, noise and air.

Whether you choose HyBar to Weatherize your Windows and Doors, or choose to Do-It-Yourself, we are happy to help! Most Do-It-Yourselfers later realize there is a wide range of products made for our industry, each with its own special purpose and use. The most important thing is knowing which product to use for your specific window type, the correct material width and method of attachment, and the correct height of the material used for your homes window or door.

If your home's Windows or Doors are 5 years or older, chances are good our economical Weatherization Services pay for themselves the very first season. If they are older than 10 years, the chances of this home improvement service of reducing your energy consumption+ drafts, reducing outside noise levels, keeping out bugs and pests increase significantly.

Call and schedule an appointment with our Parts and Service Department. We will answer your questions, schedule your home weatherization service and provide a truly great customer service experience! 702.361.9049.

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