Installation Process

At Hy-Bar Windows & Doors, we have been installing windows and doors for more than 24 continuous years and have over 6,000 satisfied customers. A big reason for our success is because we install products right the first time. That means, energy efficiency and beauty for your home.... And peace of mind and comfort for your family!

Here is our approach to installation:

  • Our Quality Certified Installers will explain before work begins what to expect, ensuring your expectations are met.
  • Our installers work in teams. This ensures minimizing outdoor exposure to your home.
  • We close off the room we are working on whenever possible so that the rest of your home stays comfortable, and clean.
  • Carpets and furnishings are protected against weather elements, foot traffic, and debris.
  • When we work as a team your old window is removed and your new window is in place in no time.
  • We measure window and door openings accurately the first time and our manufactures build to 1/16" of our measurements. This means we can seal openings quickly, and once the window is in place, add extra insulation to maximize a home's energy efficiency.
  • Our customers tell us they notice the difference in the comfort level of their home and the quietness from outside noises, right away.
  • And perhaps the best news is....most installations can be completed in just one day.

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