Windows & Doors 101

Confused about all the window, door and skylight options available at Hy-Bar Windows & Doors? Learn more about window and door terminology with Windows & Doors 101!


Double Hung or Single Hung Window
One or both sashes slide vertically. Some
models tilt in for easy cleaning.

Casement Window
Opens outward by hinging at the
left or right side.

French Casement Window 

Both sashes open out. No center jamb.

Hinged at the top and swings outward.


Picture Window
A non-venting or inoperable fixed window.


Round Top Window
A half-circular window usually placed
above another window or door.

Quarter Round Window
A quarter-circle window typically used
in combination with other units for architectural effect.

Elliptical Top Window
Like a Circle Top, except elliptical in shape.

Sliding or Gliding Window
One or both sashes slide horizontally.

Arch Top Window
A window with an arched top and strait sides.
Polygon Window
Windows of unusual shapes, i.e. - octagons,
trapezoids, triangles, etc.
Combination Window
Made by joining single units to form more
elaborate designs.

Bay Window
Has side flanker windows set at 30, 45 or
90degrees, with one or more center windows.


Skylight or Roof Window
A fixed or vented roof-mounted unit.


Basement Window
Hinged on the bottom to open outward hopper-style.


Sliding Patio Door
2, 3 or 4 panels. On 2 & 3 panel models,
1 panel slides. On 4 panel units, 2 center panels slide.


Hinged Patio Door, or French Door
One or both panels swing inward or outward
for egress.

Bow Window
Made up of three or more windows,
assembled along a common radius.

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