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Keeping Scorpions Out

Are you having issues with scorpions or other pesky critters getting in the house? Doors with missing or even worn weatherization materials can turn your entry into a place of entry for these outdoor pests like scorpions to entry your home as well. HyBar’s door service can eliminate those gaps in your door systems and…
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Vinyl Windows and The Desert

    Vinyl Windows and The Desert "A vinyl window can be inexpensive, durable and remarkably energy efficient when designed properly to minimize thermal transfer. While early vinyl windows had problems with thermal expansion and stability in very hot environments, modern vinyl windows are much more durable and dimensionally stable. Look for vinyl window frames…
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Service and Repairs

Service and Repairs      Our trained Service Technicians will: Fix Broken Windows Hy-Bar Windows and Doors provides quality installation and products for energy saving solutions; reduce maintenance hassles while also improving the beauty and value of your home or building. Glaze/Fogged Glass Hy-Bar Windows and Doors has the invaluable hands on experience and quality…
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Replacement Specialists

Since 1989, homeowners have trusted Hy-Bar Windows & Doors for windows, doors, skylights and more. As The Valley's premier Window and Door Replacement Specialists, we don't spend the money on advertising that some of our competitors do because we thrive on the referrals sent to us from our happy customers. Hy-Bar Windows & Doors has…
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An ounce of prevention

Drafts + Energy Loss – Hy-Bar Windows and Doors helps you save money and the environment. Heating and cooling your home can be the biggest contributor to your monthly utility bills. If your windows and doors are not properly sealed, there can be significant leakage of air both in and out of your home. Leaking…
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 Hy-Bar Windows and Doors has the invaluable hands on experience and quality that’s needed when building a custom home. From simple to breathtaking, Hy-Bar Windows and Doors would be happy to provide the beauty and functionality of the windows and doors in your custom home.

corner glass walls

Mulit Slide Pocket doors like this open your home up to the great outdoors. Perfect for entertaining or family parties.

new construction windows and doors hybar

Circa 2005 - the home is a beauty with some nice window touches but we like our new vans better than this old S-10.

tyvek on new constrution window frame hybar

Every New Construction Window and Door install includes Tyvek wrapping around the entire frame and over the top of the unit once it's in.