Green Vinyl Window Upgrade

Green is in. Being a responsible human is all the rage. Saving money is something everyone wants to do. New windows answer all of these basic facts. A green vinyl window upgrade can change the efficiency of your home in a dramatic way.

cascade vinyl window install 04

This Green Valley area Home is just down the street from HyBar in an old part of town with new-town all around it and these long time homeowners needed help. They wanted to be more responsible environmentally and economically.

cascade vinyl window install 05

This is an old home with steel window frames and single pane glazing panels. These homeowners had smartly added solar screens on to improve the non-existent energy efficiency a few years ago but with rising costs of energy were looking for something better and the idea of letting the light back in their home sounded pretty great too.

cascade vinyl window install 07

They found the solution with a green vinyl window upgrade from HyBar

cascade vinyl window install 06.  Removing the extremely outdated war era windows improved their code red status of environmental responsibility to a full code green. Removing the dirty dingy solar screens just let the Sunlight back into their home, a welcome addition.

cascade vinyl window install 01

Updating an average American home’s windows typically yields an improvement in power usage of around 30%.  The average American home’s windows are not single pane steel windows. Certainly these homeowners experienced a drop in energy consumption of much more than the average American’s 30% improvement with a green vinyl window upgrade – not to mention the drastic improvement on their their power bill.

cascade vinyl window install 08

HyBar has been dedicated to energy conservation and exceptional customer service for many years.  That is why when taking an extra step would be the responsible thing to do and especially when desired by the homeowner our installers will section off the work area to save energy and help keep our clients homes clean.

cascade vinyl window install 02

In the image above two of HyBar's installers are setting one of the new vinyl windows into the hole where the old steel window was.  Installing new green vinyl windows into an old cinderblock built home is not an easy task but the installers at HyBar are well trained to handle a situation like this one and to find solutions to the many install problems that come up in the course of window and door installs all around Vegas Valley.


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