Vinyl Replacement Patio Door

This lovely homeowner has been living in this Green Valley Home since the beginnings of Green Valley.  She raised her children in this home and now that she's about to be a Grandmother she thought it was time to do some renovations and smartly decided that new doors would be the perfect finishing touch.

One of the doors she replaced is her back patio slider that had not survived the test of time and three children very well.  She chose to go with the economical option of a vinyl replacement patio door.

The image below shows the old worn-out aluminum patio door. Compare just the visual with the new Vinyl Replacement Patio Door in the first image. vinyl patio door web09

There is a big difference, don't you think? If if looks that much better in this picture, imagine the experience of using the door daily to get out to her pool will be? If you think like me you think it will be a whole new lovely world of exiting and entering the house.

vinyl patio door web12

The first step to replacing the old door was to cut back the stucco and release the old frame from it's long life of service.  After that it comes out pretty easy.

vinyl patio door web14

After the new door is set and squared, HyBar installers inject a foam insulation that keeps out drafts.

vinyl patio door web13

Finally, the door is trimmed out for the finishing touch.

vinyl patio door web15

After that its all done and you and your new Vinyl Patio Door live happily ever after.

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